Guilded Lilly

Is it rock, pop,'s Guilded Lilly! Founded by Rob V and Nancy V. in 2019, Guilded Lilly has a style that's one-of-a-kind. Haunting lyrics and vocals from Nancy V. […]

Jon Gonzalez

Passion for music and art. Practicing everyday to improve at them. Please check out my YouTube page and instagram @JonGonzalezMusic.


Saint John and the Revelations

Deep Draft Brewing

Saint John’s music career has gone from hitchhiking and performing in the streets of Europe to opening shows for national touring acts and recording with Peter Buck of R.E.M. From […]

TX Tuesday with Jimmy T

Join our Shipmate Jimmy T as he sings country in the vein of Johnny Cash, Hank Williams, and does some awesome modern tunes! ...the evening often devolves into a sing […]

Erin McNamee

Deep Draft Brewing

Through a blending of styles, both antique and modern, classical and elemental, torch and bluesy, crystalline and rough, Erin McNamee’s voice entwines and explores and invents itself.

Wyrdoz Album Release!!

Wyrd: The web of cause-and-effect that permeates the universe. The Germanic/North European equivalent of karma. Not to be understood as an externally-controlling fate but rather as the natural consequences of one's […]

Full Circle Band

Deep Draft Brewing

Full Circle is a professional 5 piece band playing popular covers of your favorite Rock, Pop, Blues and R&B songs. We play a wide variety of songs by a diverse […]