Jamming with Jimmy T

Enjoy a TX Tuesday show with our Shipmate Jimmy Trogden! He's a little bit country, super sweet and a whole lot of awesomeness.

Rye & Barley – Celtic Music

North Kitsap folk duo, with a Celtic bent. We play songs about sailing and drinking, but not necessarily in that order.

Vince Bigos

Vince earned his degree in Jazz Performance at Central Washington University (CWU) in 2013. At CWU, Vince played with the Jazz I Ensemble and the top Jazz Combo both directed by Chris Bruya. Both bands were selected to perform at the Jazz Education Network Conference (JENC). He also performed with the CWU Classical Guitar Ensemble, performing […]

Water Tribe

The debut EP from Water Tribe, "Fourplay" highlights the beautiful harmonies and lush instrumentation of the Bremerton, Washington band. Formed in late 2019, Water Tribe blends indie, folk, and alternative influences seamlessly, eliciting an emotional experience for the listener.

TX Tuesday with Bryson Evans

Deep Draft Brewing

Bryson Evans is a rootsy singer-songwriter from Aberdeen, Washington who has built a life from the ground up on labor work and song. Born to a working class family in an ever-changing town of timber and toil, Bryson was always interested in the folklore of the land. His music is a unique blend of his many influences - Hank Williams, Tom Waits, and The Allman Brothers, to name a few. His songs are about real life- hard work, lessons learned, love, loss, pain, good times and bad. With roots in Classic Country and Americana, you can’t find someone more dedicated to creating music that honors those who came before him as well as those who play by his side. Bryson intermixes happy tunes with sad truths in a way that could bring you to your feet while simultaneously bringing you to tears. He is fueled by the passion to share his stories, traveling and singing at every opportunity, most recently solo and acoustic. Bryson has two original albums recorded: Some Days I’m Flyin’ (2016) and One-Sided Coin (2018).


The Foundlings – Irish Music

The Foundlings are coming to save rock-n-roll from the ashes of its implosion in the angst-ridden '90s. An American revolt against the imperialistic colonization of our most revered folk music traditions by international pillagers who have torn bits from this great legacy for commercial mastication and left our most original and provocative artists in the […]