Deep Draft’s Brewery / Brewing Process:

We proudly craft our beer with just four ingredients: water, hops, malts, and yeast acquired in the great state of Washington!

We believe our beers are either beautiful for their cleanliness and simplicity or remarkable for their well-balanced, rich flavors attributable to the malts and hops alone. Hops is the only fruit we use, and you’ll get neither funny business nor additives from us.

Our brew system is pretty basic as well. It is a ~7 BBL brew system (a gas fired boil kettle and associated insulated mash tun) and we have four glycol-chilled 7 BBL fermenters. The only electronic controls we use in the process are on our glycol chiller and from the on-demand hot water heaters that supply our brewing and rinsing water.  We perform all of the labor in the brew process by hand and take all of our measurements manually. In doing and brewing this way, we feel fundamentally connected to each and every step of the process and develop a particular fondness for every beer we brew. As such, we are exceptionally proud to serve our Deep Drafts to you!