4.0%  //  15 IBU

The term “keelhaul” has its nautical roots in the Dutch, but the cruel practice of dragging a mutinous Sailor along the keel (underside) of the ship as a form of torture was used by the British in the 1600s. In today’s terms, the term keelhaul is synonymous with a severe scolding. Brewed with wheat, British & Czech Pilsner malts, and hopped ever so slightly with Perle and Tettnanger hops, our Keelhaul is honestly anything BUT a severe scolding on your palette. You’ll only be severely scolded for NOT enjoying this beer!


Czech Pilsner

4.5%  //  30 IBU

You’ll find our Pilsner light but full of flavor, as clean and satisfying as the froth (known as the wash) coming off of a shiny bronze propeller. We have found that staring down at the wake a ship leaves as she cuts through the water gives a Sailor a peaceful, contented feeling. Whether fishing from the fantail, enjoying a sunset, or standing aft lookout, watching the prop wash – small but significant in the vast ocean – steadies a Sailor’s restless soul. Enjoy this beautiful little beer!


Light Wheat

3.5%  //  20 IBU

Brewed with Wheat, 2-Row, and Pilsner malts and lightly hopped with Simcoe and Citra hops, we named this delightful little beauty after a small boat that usually carried by or towed by a smaller boat because it was made in conjunction with (from the “2nd runnings” of) our Wheat Wine. So do some day drinking and enjoy several of these little fellas! CHEERS.


Light Rye

4.7%  //  18 IBU

This little beauty is crafted with Two-Row & Rye malts and hopped with Centennial & Tettnanger hops for an easy drinking, good-timing brew. LD could stand for Lawnmowing Day, Load Dispatcher, or Little Detlev, depending on if you want to raise your glass to doing chores with a brew in your hand, honor aircraft carrier nuke Electrician’s Mates or give a hearty PROST to our brewer’s German pal who loves this beer most of all!


Ordinary/English Bitter

3.5%  //  33 IBU

Brewed with Two-Row & Rye malts and deliciously & generously hopped with Loyal, Simcoe & Centennial hops, this magically tasty little brew is big on flavor & extremely light on alcohol – so drink as much of this delightful beer as you want & BE HAPPY!


Munich Helles

4.9%  //  16 IBU

* Permanent Summer Seasonal *

A lager that’s as beautiful as it is refreshingly delightful, brewed with Pilsen, Two-Row and Munich Malts and hopped just enough with Euknot & Crystal hops. Named to reward us all for being isolated during the COVID crisis. When Sailors in the Navy are out to sea for continuous days (with no port visit) days, they’re awarded a “Beer Day” while underway. So here is YOURS! But you aren’t limited to just one!! #freedom.

YUJO – E2W memorial

California Common

4.7%  //  32 IBU

We brewed this roasty but easy-drinking “steam” style beer to honor our friendship with E2W Brewing whose owners were tragically taken from the Peninsula Brewing community late August 2022. Yujo means friendship/fellowship in Japan (Mina the brewer’s roots), and we can think of no better word to describe what that wonderful couple brought to the brewing community– in the Fleet of Life, the BEST SHIPS ARE FRIENDSHIPS.


American Wheat

5.4%  //  20 IBU

The final step to getting underway (putting to sea) is to heave around on in on the anchor and when it is clear of the bottom, the Boatswain calls, “Anchor’s Aweigh!” Getting our Brewery underway, we made our wheat beer nice & clear. Crafted with wheat & 2-row malts and centennial, northern brewer and loral hops and you can expect a smooth but full flavor of pure sunshine, so heave around on a vessel of this wheaty goodness and enjoy your journey on our sea of craft beer!



5.6%  //  30 IBU

A Wheat Beer & a Pilsner walked into a bar and ended up having a helluva time & hooking up… This beer has the malt backbone of a sexy Weiss Bier but we hopped it like a macho Pilsner. It was one of the first brews in our new kettle; it started out as a Kolsch, but we ended up with more extraction than expected, so we just went for it—we all benefit from this happy mistake, like a great trip with free stuff!


Dortmunder Export Lager

5.5%  //  22 IBU

Brewed with Bavarian Pilsner, Munich & Crystal malts and delightfully hopped with Perle and Tettanger goodness, this delightful “foreign” beer has been considered the Cadillac of Pale Lagers. We dubbed it “Fleet Landing” to honor the place where a ship’s crew debarks/embarks on a foreign shore—filled with excitement to explore foreign ports, drink beer, have a great time & spend some “bongo bucks” (general term for whatever local currency)! Cheers to you!!!


Vienna Lager (Euro Amber)

4.5%  //  22 IBU

* Permanent Spring Seasonal *

Brewed with Pilsen, Chrystal, Vienna, Brown & Black and hopped just enough with Northern Brewer, Chrystal & Czech Saaz hops, this lager is light on alcohol and HUGE on taste! We named this beer for the nautical term for a half-day off—time to catch up on your spring cleaning or your partying. So, drink up and enjoy some time off!


Red Rye

5.6%  //  40 IBU

When returning from sea in this part of the globe, ships in the channel are directed to keep the red buoys to starboard (on their right), so the mnemonic sailors use to remember this is “Red Right Returning.” We’ve packed this beer with a LOT of malt and grain (two row, Maris Otter, Rye, Brown & Roast/Black) and Loral, Centennial, and Cascade hops for well-balanced goodness that will carry you home!


Altbier (German Amber)

4.9%  //  45 IBU

The Altbier is the “Old Salt” of beers, as “Alt” in Germany – the motherland of beer – means “old.” This style is an amber beer from northern Germany with 2-row, Munich & Vienna malts and Northern Brewer & Saaz hops. The eldest Sailor in the U.S. Navy is officially known as the “Old Salt.” It’s also the callsign of USS NIMITZ (CVN 68), homeported in Bremerton. Lesser salts are those Sailors who have spent a lot of time at sea, with the salt air in their lungs, rooster tails at their backs, and empty gun shells in their wakes. Drink to the foam and enjoy our OLD SALT ALT, one of Deep Draft’s Flagship beers!


Munich Dunkel

5.0%  //  26 IBU

Brewed with Pilsner, Munich, and Chocolate malts and lightly hopped with Sabro and Perle hops, this beer is smooth in taste and beautiful in color. We named it “Brown Shoe” to honor Naval Aviators who are high flying & smooth talking (especially with their hands). Naval aviators earned the name “Brown Shoe” because they wear brown (as opposed to black) shoes—this tradition started at the advent of naval aviation in WWII because the sand from aviators their time on the beach would discolor and be noticeable on their black boots.



5.1%  //  26 IBU

Brewed with Wheat, Pilsner, 75 0 Crystal & Chocolate malts, we named this beer “Broadside” because we simultaneously fired some of our favorite guns (ie malts) in brewing this beer. Enjoy the best of the dark (dunkel) and the best of our most popular (Kolsch) beers all in one super drinkable style. PROST!



6.5%  //  35 IBU

Brewed with Rye, Pilsner, and Crystal malts and hopped with some German goodness of Perle & Tettnanger hops, this Rye bock boasts all of the sneaky, roguish yumminess of rye beer with the hearty body of a bock. In Naval vernacular, “Comshaw” is a term for obtaining something outside official channels, usually by trading or bartering (often for parts or scarce items). So relish in the joy of a deal well done as you tip back this gorgeous, hearty draft!



6.2%  //  26 IBU

* Permanent Fall Seasonal *

Brewed with Vienna, Two-row, 120, Brown, & Black malts & finished with Pere and Tettanger hops, our Oktoberfest is a beautiful and tasty way to usher in the autumn season! The name “Old Crow” emerged from the first use of electronic warfare in WWII to disrupt Axis communications & radars. Allied equipment and operators were thus known by the code name “Raven.” Common jargon changed their name to “Crow” and those engaged in the profession became known as “Old Crows”.


Winter Warmer

6.7%  //  56 IBU

* Permanent Winter Seasonal *

Brewed with Maris Otter, Two-row, Malted Oats, 75’, Brown, Munich & Black malts and hopped just enough with Simcoe, Centennial, & Cascade hops, our winter seasonal will warm your heart—just like the special, seasonal holiday lights ships rig when visiting friendly foreign ports and during the winter holiday season! Cheers, Friends!



5.0%  //  60 IBU

Deep Draft’s Flagship dark beer that is our comfort beer, our homeport, dedicated to the Sailors, Shipyard, and town that we love, brewed in honor of our late founder, LCDR Erik M. Sweet, USN. We invite you to raise your glass and toast to those who Serve and to the ones you love! ENJOY OUR HOMEPORTER!



6.3%  //  40 IBU

We scaled up the chocolate and roasty flavor of our latest Stout to bring you
something pleasingly powerful & black—named in honor of the Trident Submarines homeported nearby and are always on patrol for our Nation’s Defense. They Run Silent, Run Deep, while we say, LIVE LIFE, DRINK DEEP!



5.3%  //  40 IBU

Lovingly brewed with six different malts for some dark, roasty, full-bodied
goodness, this beer is so named for the ceremonial “Royal Baby” to whom the Slimy Polywogs (wogs) pay homage at the end of a ship’s “crossing the line” ceremony (when a ship crosses the equator). The shellbacks on the ship select the plumpest and most lovable volunteer from the crew to perform the part of the “Royal Baby,” who for his part greases his belly with jelly and sometimes inserts a cherry into his navel, wears a big diaper and sits with King Neptune and Queen Aphrodite to receive honors like a kiss or belly rub as the wogs become fit to walk upright like the salts of the sea they now are. Enjoy this full-bodied, fun goodness without the jelly


Imperial Stout

9.0%  //  76 IBU

Brewed with Maris Otter, Black & Roast barley malts, the chocolatey roasty flavor is ALL malt driven, no funny business. This is our first really big beer so we named it Black Shoe to honor the hard work & long hours of our Surface and Submarine Fleet Sailors. (Black Shoe is a nautical term meaning any non-aviation Sailor).


Cascadian Dark Ale / Black IPA

7.9%  //  58 IBU

Brewed with Two-Row, Brown, Black & Roast malts and hopped with a healthy dose of cascade and CTZ hops, this beer is as dark & hearty as the sound of a submarine’s dive alarm. While the submarine force says, “run silent, run deep,” we say, “live life, drink deep” as we raise our pints of Klaxon to the silent service & all who love beer!



7.25%  //  40 IBU

Featuring Pilsner, Vienna, and Wheat malts and hopped with Perle and Tetnager hops, we think this beer is perfect for a celebration of our anniversary! It’s lighter in color & less malty than a traditional Bock, with a dry finish and larger hop profile. Huzzah was historically used as a call for coordinated physical effort, as in hoisting sails, and also used as a cheer indicating exaltation, enjoyment or approval. It was surely a coordinated effort to make it through our first year and we’re excited to celebrate with this beer for you!



7.25%  //  40 IBU

Our German style dark bock is characterized by a malty and nutty flavor, very easy on the hops (malts include Pilsner, 2-row, munich, 60’ & chocolate). We call it “Kapok” after the chunky orange life preservers Sailors wear while line handling, mainly because we like how it rhymes with Dunkelbock, but also because we’re confident this beer will buoy your
spirits with yumminess and keep you afloat all evening (or afternoon) long!


Pale Ale

6.3%  //  50 IBU

Brewed with an anchoring malt bill of Maris Otter, Two-Row, Rye and Carapils and hopped perhaps a bit aggressively with the 2022 Veterans Blend of hops (HBC 586, Ekunot, Triumph, Idaho 7 & Chinook), this is a bit in your face with berry, citrus, stonefruit, tropical and herbal notes… but in a good way! $3/lb of hops sold benefits the Hunter7 Foundation which helps to understand and fight cancer in our military population. F-YEAH!!


Imperial India Pale Ale

7.25%  //  75 IBU

Brewed with Simcoe, CTZ, & Columbus hops, seven malts and a whole lotta love! This recipe was originally brewed in 2015 by Valholl Brewing and presented to our late founder, Erik Sweet, on his retirement from the Navy. After 26 years of active duty, LCDR Sweet was looking forward to proudly assuming the title of Commanding Officer’s Wife (C.O.W.) while he supported his Spouse-Destroyer Captain and built his brewery. When Erik passed away six weeks later, our friends in Poulsbo reclaimed the recipe and brewed it for a couple more runs under the name, “Erik Sweet Imp IPA”. This summer, they gifted it to us for good, and we brewed it in our style and the original name. We can’t thank Valholl enough! Live Life. Drink Deep.


Pale Ale

5.3%  //  50 IBU

Brewed with a lovely malt bill of Maris Otter, Two-Row, Rye and Carapils and hopped just enough with Simcoe, Columbus & Citra hops, our latest Pale Ale is a nod to the US Coast Guard, Coasties, aka Puddle Pirates! This little fella is a bit lighter and less hoppy than our previous Pale Ales with a delightful citrusy finish! CHEERS!


 India Pale Ale

6.3%  //  65 IBU

The latest variant of our Liberty Call series, this approachable ale is hopped with Simcoe, Centennial & Cascade hops for a PNW classic hoppiness but with low enough in alcohol to leave room for more liberty & more beer…


 Double India Pale Ale

9.5%  //  90 IBU

Make way for our biggest IPA yet… brewed with a massive amount of simcoe, centennial & CTZ hops and maris otter, 2-row & rye malts for a full-bodied goodness and a slam of hops to get you steaming full speed ahead.


 India Pale Ale

7.3%  //  65 IBU

The latest variant of our original Liberty Call IPA– this one is the biggest and
bravest yet! Hopped with Cryo Columbus, Centennial and Cascade goodness, it packs quite a hop punch. We named this beer in honor of those Sailors who, though they may have a big worklist and duty the next day, can’t help but duck out on Liberty and ask for forgiveness & face the consequences later (: CHEERS to LIFE, LIBERTY and the PURSUIT of HOPPINESS!


Veteran’s Blend Pale Ale

5.8%  //  55 IBU

We brewed this hop-forward, easy drinking ale especially to honor contributions of those who have served, in harm’s way, at the tip of the spear. We used our “SHELLBACK” malt bill and added Yakima Chief Hops “Veterans Blend” hops throughout the boil to result in a well-balanced mix of tropical, citrus and herbal aromas. The five different Pacific Northwest-grown varieties of hops include HBC 472, HBC 630, Ekuanot®, Idaho 7® and Azacca® brand hops. It will perform well in any hop forward beer, providing Yakima Chief Hops is donating up to $3 per pound sold to “K9s for Warriors,” an organization that provides highly-trained Service Dogs to military Veterans suffering from PTSD, traumatic brain injury and/or military sexual trauma—a cause very near and dear to our hearts.


Pale Ale

5.0%  //  60 IBU

In the vernacular of the sea, a “Shellback” is a Sailor who has crossed the equator. No longer a slimy pollywog unfit to stand upright, a Shellback passed the many trials and tests of a sea voyage. We deemed this a fitting name for our third Pale Ale to be produced: a bolder, more complex, pleasing and less bitter Pale than the first-termers! Brewed with a lovely malt bill of Maris Otter, Two-Row, Rye & Dextran and hopped just right with Simcoe, Eukanot & Citra —Davy Jones would be proud!!